back in September Missy released a couple tracks featuring her producing partner in crime, Timbaland. Unfortunately  the tracks 9th Inning and Triple threat weren't a commercial success. But thanks to dedicated fans in New Zealand, her music is alive in living color and going viral! Check it out inside. 

A Production by: The Palace Dance Studio (Auckland, New Zealand)
Choreography & Concept by: Parris Goebel
Performed by: The Royal Family

"Real artist's don't have to move with the times.
The times move with you."


No female rap artist paralleled the success of Missy Elliott. Unlike most of urban music's female superstars, Missy writes her own songs as well as performs them, and her creative wit in on a par with her stylish demeanor. In addition to her talent and showmanship, she established herself as a genuine hitmaker. I Love Missy!