This summer has been dominated by horror stories between POLICE and innocent black civilians, most cases unarmed. One of the major stories in the beginning of the summer was the death of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man put in a headlock by police, strangling him to his death. Garner warned police that they were killing him and the refused to let him go. The whole ordeal was caught on camera and we were able to see and hear Eric Garner giving up and asking police to let him live but they proceeded to kill him.

The family of Eric Garner has made a statement today saying that they on suing the NYPD for $75 Million. Although you can’t put a price on life, I stand behind this decision as the NYPD owe that family something can’t be replaced, but they also owe an explanation. (


The family of a Staten Island man who died in an apparent POLICE chokehold filed a notice of claim Tuesday saying they intend to file a $75 million lawsuit.

Eric Garner’s wife and children sent the notice to city Controller Scott Stinger revealing they will name the city, the NYPD and eight cops in the suit.

“The Office of Comptroller Scott M. Stringer confirms receipt of the notice of claim on behalf of Eric Garner. This claim is now under review,” said Stringer’s spokesman Eric Sumberg.