This one of of the most popular videos of early 2011, a kid that was on facebook posting about being a gang member. When his uncle got wind of it, he was publicly humiliated in a video posted to facebook. The kid was show and killed out side of his New Orleans home according to
Here is what is being reported. Sgt. Larry Dyess, JPSO spokesman, told the Times-Picayune that authorities had no suspect or motive in the incident.

Taylor’s mother, Kimberly Ward, told the newspaper that she kept strict tabs on her son, even making him stay on the sidewalk in eyesight of their home when he went outside. The night of the shooting, she said, Taylor received a text message from a friend at about 8 p.m. and went outside to chat.

“She said she called him back inside a few minutes later to find out what was going on, and he told her he was just talking and went back outside. A few minutes later, her daughter received a text message saying that Taylor had been shot, and then another saying he was dead,” the newspaper reported.

Everyone was laughing and commending the efforts of the Uncle to stop exactly what ended up happening. This young man dying because of being a fake gangsta. Lil Wayne and Birdman even did a spoof video of the event. We need more parents, uncles,, friends etc to teach kids that this fake gangsta/online stuff has real consequences.