Tim Westwood has been digging in the vaults as of late. The UK radio personality has been putting some previously unreleased material on the web over the past few weeks and continued that with a little something from Fabolous.

Today (Feb. 18), Tim Westwood offered up a freestyle from 2003 which sees Fabolous and his old Desert Storm Records label mate Paul Cain rhyming together. The two rappers take turns freestyling over Ludacris' "Stand Up" and the YoungBloodZ's "Damn" instrumentals. Fabolous kicks things off on the Ludacris beat.

"Why wouldn't a dame say a word or two when my head sticking out the top the same way a turtle do/If you like me, you don't even listen to the lames swaying dirt at you and claiming they'll murder you/That same day I'll certain I'ma pull on your block, pull on my glock and leave all you lames laying vertical/Your boy's no rookie, the six is dark brown with a white gut like an Oreo cookie/N---as is dying to be in the show biz/Driving and flying to be where the shows is/What I'm supplying will be in their noses/Had the fiends dying from D overdoses" Fabolous raps.

Paul Cain takes over before he and Fabolous begin to trade bars on the "Stand Up' instrumental until about the 4 minute, 30 second mark. Things are switched up as the "Damn" instrumental becomes the new playground for the MCs. Fabolous and Paul Cain each drop a verse on that beat and do a little collaboration towards the end. It's an interesting glimpse back into their respective styles circa 2003.

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