Evelyn Lozada reality philanthropist celebrity ambassador TV star (yea right) ?  She should add professional gold digger to just keep it all the way real .  She is also former professional football player Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson's  ex wife and she is apparently pregnant. I know her first daughter from a previous relationship is grown but I'm interested to know what rich athlete fathered this child ?


People are saying that the father is baseball player Carl Crawford but neither camp is confirming this rumor.  On the other hand when Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson got news of this he went to twitter to let the world know he felt some type of way.

All of these professional athletes that keep on financing this woman all need to hop in the BIG DUMMY FILES.  I can't knock her hustle, she is getting to that age where she can't really gold dig like she did in her 20's, so a child is a 18 year renewal for her lifestyle.  If it is a girl she will probably teach her to be a gold digger, to put Evelyn in gold digging retirement.