Have you seen those shows on TV where the family gets $300 worth of stuff for $3?

I am amazed at all the time and effort these people put into "Extreme Couponing"! When I do find a great coupon in the mail, by time I get to the store to use it, 9 times out of 10, the coupon is still at home or left in my "other purse" and I miss out on the savings.

Not Anymore! See how the new generation takes advantage of extra savings without clippin a single coupon.

According to a survey by BIGinsight, New Yorkers are projected to spend 11 percent more money than last year on the Easter holiday, totaling $16.8 billion nationwide. I'm all about getting more and spending less!

There are so many Easter sales going on all over Western New York this weekend, but who couldn't use additional savings on top of the sale price?

Big retailers like Kohls, Lord & Taylor and Macy's offer digital coupons that are delivered directly to your phone via text or email. So BEFORE you check out, ask the cashier about "opting-in" for these digital sales. She/he will give you a number and phrase to text and enroll in text coupons. You'll then get a "discount code" sent back to you via text. You can turn around and use it right then and there! Other stores will ask you for your email address and send you additional savings that way.

My favorite thing about these digital sales is it usually applies to items already on sale or even clearance. Of course some restrictions may apply, but HEY, it's worth the try!!

And don't forget, as of April 1st 2012 all clothing and shoe purchases under $110 are NY State TAX Free! That's an extra 4% off your Easter purchase :)

Have a safe, fun and sale-ful weekend!