Does anyone else remember when Dwight Howard used to be the “church boy” of the NBA? I remember when he was getting drafted and reporters were bragging about how “clean” his record is and saying how much of a church boy he is, then… Well… Now he is allegedly sleeping with a minor? What the hell big guy? Is this what happens when you start to lose your talent? 

Via Hollywood Take reports:

This latest Dwight Howard rumor began when a woman named Debbie posted photos allegedly showing the NBA star laughing with her in a room. Debbie, who has since deleted her Twitter account, also claimed that Howard paid for her and two of her friends to make the trip to Florida documented in the photo. However, there is no evidence that this is the case, nor are we even sure that Howard is the man in the picture in question.

Debbie further implied that she had a romantic relationship with Dwight Howard when she posted the below screenshot of an alleged text conversation between the two of them. While Debbie refers to her texting partner as “Dwight,” that does not necessarily mean that the NBA star was at the other end.

It appears a fight with Dwight Howard is what spurred Debbie to publish these scandalous photos and text messages. Debbie called out the Houston Rockets center during a Twitter conversation with a pal.

Rarely do I wish the law on someone but dude, come on… I hope some legal actual is taken from this because this is sickening, I’m starting to think about if I had a daughter. Check out this picture in this tweet, this is clearly Dwight Howard’s tall ass:







Disgusting. Money is not synonymous with common sense.