Just the other day most people heard about 16 year-old. Ethan Couch, receiving only 10 years probation after stealing booze from a store and then driving drunk, ultimately running into and killing 4 people with his dad's company truck. His defense was "AFFULENZA"... a disorder claiming that, because of his being wealthy and living a lifestyle such that his parents were always able to "buy his way out" of pretty much any situation... Ethan had NO IDEA that there may be consequences for doing ANYTHING wrong...including killing 4 people whiole driving drunk after stealing.  A Judge acknowledged the AFFLUENZA claim and actually gave Ethan him 10 years probation with his parents promising to put him into a Rehab Facility for 1 a cost of $450,000.


As we well know... Drug Possession, and the sale of Drugs, is just about the worst possible thing you can do in this United States next to murder. Cocaine Drug Sales can very well get you a LIFE SENTENCE!!!!!  Seems quite unfair doesn't it, when you have an Ethan Couch who robs & gets away with murder by only serving 10 years probation? 

Here's are some stories I'd like you to examine in comparison to the Ethan Couch story and give me your opinion on the WBLK Facebook Page.  Thanks for participating!