There are a number of drive-thru establishments in this country and most have been in business for quite some time and boy how so many of us just love the convenience of being able to stay in our vehicles and receive the service for which we enjoy! Well now Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw Michigan is changing the game with drive thru service; that’s right, you can pull up in your car and view the deceased.

“You may find people who are afraid of funeral homes, now they can view their loved ones from the convenience of their car,” said Ivan Phillips, owner of Paradise Funeral Chapel.

“I wanted to bring something to Saginaw that we’ve never had here before,” he said.

As you may imagine, reviews have been mixed with some people in Saginaw welcoming the idea and others seeing it as just totally disrespectful.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the drive-thru funeral home concept?