Every now and again rappers get into it over stupidity. This "BEEF" has been developing for about a month now when Common released the video for SWEET. Everybody was trying to figure out who Common has been very "friendly" since his relationship with Erykah Badu and going Vegan was talking about. I thought it was Lil Wayne personally. Common has really transformed his life into a friendly kind rapper who reads poetry for the Obama's donates to charity and promotes a Vegan lifestyle. Despite all that a lot of people may not remember the Common of old from the Southside of Chicago who released one of the best diss tracks in the history of Hip Hop about Ice Cube :

If you aren't really into Hip Hop or haven't really followed Common you wouldn't not recognize the present day Common from the Common Sense of 1996. Now lets fast forward to 2012 Drake recently released a "kind of sort" indirect diss towards Common. This song was released on Friday 01/07/12 at 3:05pm on Rick Ross's brand new mix tape he also threw a shot at Kobe Bryant's wife as well.... (That kind of confused me that he mentioned her name but not Common's). This morning Common released the remix to song sending a lot of direct shots in Drake's direction.

I had been telling people all weekend that Drake releasing a diss towards Common was probably the worst thing he could do. Both Rappers are extremely good but I just don't think lyrically Drake has what it takes to go round for round with Common. I think Drake really can't find anything witty to say about Common: We all know he is Vegan We all know he had a publicized relationship with Erykah Badu... so on and so forth. Common on the other hand makes a great point about Drake he is not being him self right now. No body believes this image that Drake is putting forth of being some kind of tough guy. I'm pretty sure Drake will label Common a HATER and this whole thing will be over with because the young sheep will follow. Lesson learned from this Rap Beef just be your self because the true you will come out in the end.

Also another interesting part of this BEEF to dismiss it as absolute non sense:
Common is on Good Music = Def Jam = Universal Music
Drake is on Young Money = Universal Republic = Universal Music
Follow the money and you will always get to the truth !