Everything that rap megastar Drake does is watched closely by the fans and media. So when news that a documentary was being released, which centered around Drizzy's lost concert footage filmed prior to his record deal with Lil Wayne and Young Money, it certainly piqued the interest of more than a few folks.

The footage of Drake: Homecoming, which was apparently shot at Toronto's Sound Academy in 2009, was believed to have been lost or destroyed, but somehow reemerged and will be prominent in the film itself. The idea of seeing one of the biggest names in music during their come-up is nearly always met with approval from the public, but Drizzy himself apparently has no involvement in the project and has went as far to say so publicly.

The face of Toronto made it known that he does not support the film, sending a tweet on Twitter to clarify any issues with fans. "The Drake Homecoming film is not something OVO or Drake have any part in. I feel it is my responsibility to inform and protect my fans," he wrote, completely disassociating himself from the documentary.

An interesting tidbit that may be overlooked in all of this is that the film in question is being produced by J. Prince and Jas Prince, whom have close ties to Drake, The elder Prince has gone as far as to send veiled threats towards anyone that attempts to do any harm to the young hit-maker. Since it seems Drake is under their protective wing in some sort of fashion, the fact that he is publicly distancing himself from a project that they're involved in is a subplot that will be intriguing to say the least.

The project will include interviews from various industry professionals. Aside from the concert footage, Drake does not show up elsewhere in the documentary, which should have been telling, given the rapper's penchant for being hands-on in most of his creative endeavors.

Watch Trailer for Homecoming Documentary

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