Drake‘s drunk-call song ‘Marvin’s Room‘ was a viral smash on the Internet that spawned a plethora of spin-offs from Chris Brown to JoJo. Now, Drizzy’s ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee has revealed herself as the woman whom Drizzy drunkenly calls on the song.

Lee is also slapping the Canadian rap star with a major lawsuit claiming she wasn’t financially compensated for ‘Marvin’s Room.’ According to Hollywood Reporter, Lee filed a suit on Thursday (Feb. 2) in California federal court claiming the two had a romantic and business relationship between early-2010 and mid-2011.

During their courtship, Lee and Drake were sharing poems and songs and planned to work on collaborative projects together. Last year, Drake allegedly agreed to team up with Lee on ‘Marvin’s Room’ and split the proceeds. Drake supposedly sent text messages to Lee acknowledging her involvement writing “U basically made that song” and “It’s s— without you.”

Lee claims after the song was release, their relationship went sour and Drake sent her text message promising her two percent of “publishing royalties.” In November 2011, after Lee hired an attorney, Drake offered her a small percentage of the song’s publishing royalties and a $50,000 payout. Lee declined and is now suing Drake for restitution and wants a judge declare her the track’s co-writer.

Drake’s attorney had no comment on the matter.

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