Rick Ross recently celebrated his Birthday in Miami, with star studded party with appearances by Diddy, Wale, Ne-Yo, Gunplay, Meek Mills, and Dr. Dre. Now I'm probably going to be labeled the biggest HATER in the universe, but I don't see why one man would give another man a 100k watch. The only exceptions being if they are family members or dating. As far as I know Dr. Dre and Rick Ross aren't related, they maybe dating. If they are we would never know and that is their business.

Now your probably saying "Supreme Dr. Dre is worth 260 million, 100k is nothing to him". Yea Yea I know, its still the principle, what has Rick Ross done for Dr. Dre to deserve a 100k gift? He's not on Dre's label, they have never even recorded together. Maybe Dre is trying to get Rick Ross to sign with Aftermath? Even still Dre's legacy alone speaks for itself, he doesn't need Rick Ross to make him a legend. He already is. Dr. Dre's artist 50 Cent, had a "BEEF" with Rick Ross so why would Dr. Dre give him a gift? I know 50 Cent is somewhere HOT right now.

I know Dr. Dre could care less about what I think of what he does with his money, and I don't really comment on what others do with their money. There are a million other things that would've been a better use of 100k than giving Rick Ross a new watch. These days rappers are making a point to show us how rich, powerful and wasteful they are. This is a horrible example for young people, old school hip hop, songs at least had powerful messages about struggle. Those days are gone, even Dr. Dre has gone mad with greed and lust, he has abandoned everything he used to stand for. Not to mention this is really "suspect".