It is almost unheard of for you to listen to an artist for the first time and instantly say, "He's one of the Greats".

But after listening to DoughBoy Qui's "Apart Of My Life" mixtape, that is exactly what happened. The music is so real -- you can hear the pain, sweat and tears throughout the tracks. It's what I like to call "REAL MUSIC".

In these times, so many artist try to sound like what'a hot at the time, but DoughBoy Qui proved that if you stay true to yourself, you can become what is "HOT NOW".

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, in my opinion, DoughBoy Qui has one of the hardest mixtapes out, period (industry artists included). It's kinda how when your heard Young Jeezy or T.I. for the first time, the music was just so real you couldn't deny it. I honestly believe that DoughBoy Qui is destined to be something great in this music industry.

I recently got the chance to meet him, and I can say that the same way he was in these records was the same way he was in person, which was "REAL".

I salute DoughBoy Qui for putting out a great project and staying true to himself, I support him 100 percent, and I look forward to more from him.

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