What is Donald Trump's problem?  He's still on this kick regarding President Obama's Birth Certificate, claiming the President is not a qualified candidate because (according to Trump) he was not born in the U.S.

NOW, trump has come up wit a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT the he is convinced will cause the President to lose the election.  This is BIG NEWS that I'm very reluctant to expose because it will SURELY change things for President Obama... YEAH RIGHT DONALD!  PLEASE!!!!!!  IT WILL NOT IMPACT OR CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

The "BIG NEWS" that Trump is going to reveal to the nation is that, supposedly, Barack & Michelle were considering divorce and papers were drawn up!   SO THE HELL WHAT!!!!!!!  WHO CARES!!!!!

Donald Trump is a jerk...and oh how I wish I could tell him to his face (or hair) that...HE IS FIRED!!!!  Fired from being anything close to a PRODUCTIVE and MEANINGFUL part of society such that his Billions have impacted anything significant.  Trump himself is the ultimate HOE and has no room for criticism of anyone's relationship, marriage, or even their extracurricular affairs... He is the POSTER CHILD for DIVORCE and INFIDELITY!

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's marriage, whether good or bad, is no one's business other than their own....unless they're asking for some intervention...and I would guess that DONALD TRUMP would be the last on the list with regard to having any comment, opinion, advice or thoughts pertaining to the Obama's marriage.

So DONALD... Go Fly a Plane...Get your hair did...Get a new Toupee... Go HIRE someone...Go do something PRODUCTIVE other than spending your Billions to no avail and producing Beauty Pageants that do nothing more than OBJECTIFY WOMEN.

Donald Trump's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is not worth blogging about...but exposing his hidden racism and HATE & JEALOUSY aimed at a REAL MAN (which he isn't and will never be) is well worth the task of happily and satisfactorily pressing the keys on my MacBook!!!!!

Here are some video coverage of the Donald Trump's pre-announcement:

Maybe this video footage is why "The Donald" is so fervently after Barack!!!! 

Bill Cosby on Donald Trump:

Is Donald Trump stupid?