Letter To My Son is a song that will hit home with any man that has been restricted from seeing his children. This is often a story in a America that goes un-told. We hear the story of how men are horrible fathers or altogether dead beats. This song offers a totally different perspective on the same story. Cee-Lo Green adds a powerful hook to the song "I'm writing a letter to my baby, Im writing a letter to my shorty."

Don Tripp hails from Memphis, TN. and is a refreshing addition to Hip Hop, somone who can actually rap, that has a story to tell. Don Tripp says this about hip hop today “Nobody’s giving you the full picture,” “We’re all human. We all go through different moods. Today we might be happy. Tomorrow we might check the mail and it’ll be all bills and your attitude’s totally different. My whole point is to show everything.”

Everytime I play this song on the radio someone calls up and ask the Title and Artist so here is the visual for Letter To My Son.