This entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is another example of people having too much time on their hands. Someone took the time to slow down a bunch of Nicki Minaj songs and discover she sounds a lot like Jay-Z. This is hilarious, but who has the time to sit around and discover this. Who ever is the culprit of this one I have a few suggestions for more useful things to do with your spare time, GET A LIFE. Take a listen to a couple of Nicki's tracks below and let me know does this sound like Jay-Z ? Maybe Nicki Minaj is Jay-Z's alter ego.

Nicki Minaj = Romans Revenge *Explicit*

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass *Explicit*

Nicki Minaj - Monster *Explicit*

While the similarity is there, I don't think it sounds that much alike I think it is just the NYC accent.