An article in the Buffalo News this morning suggests that Racism abounds among Republicans and that some GOP Members oppose Obama policies and, to the extreme, hate the President because he's Black!

According to the article, Actor Alec Baldwin was quoted on Twitter as saying, "If Obama was white, he'd be up by 17 points."

In the article, The Buffalo News, reveals that studies have been done supporting the fact that "long standing stereotypes about African - Americans " have led to people viewing Black people as being stereotypically dangerous, unintelligent, lazy, and prefer welfare over getting job.

The article also quotes Gail Christopher, Vice President of Program Strategy for the W.K. Kellog Foundation as saying, "Our history has created this unconscious bias" against African-Americans...implying there are people, especially "white republicans" are racist and don't even realize it!

Do you agree?  What's your take on this topic?