What I'm writing here is not necessarily representative of WBLK as a whole... it may be but I haven't even asked anyone... this is completely my opinion and my "BEEF".   Listen, I'm not from Buffalo but I feel like I'm back in the place I left specifically because of the kind os stuff I'm about to write about...I really want to say...what I'm about to expose.

Is it just me or does today's announcement of the Artpark Concert Series Lineup send a subliminal message to a certain cultures that "we don't care about you"?  Let me ask a different question and help with some Artpark marketing at the same time...here's this years "Artpark Concert Lineup"...which, by the way, (according to the Buffalo News) Artpark President George Osborne says is "VERY STRONG"....AND....Artpark & Company Chairman Christopher H. Brown says is a "nice mix" of music.  Tell me if you, a listener of WBLK and the music we play that represents the African-American culture, are excited about this lineup:

June 19: Kansaas

June 26: Foreigner

July 3: Huey Lewis & The News

July 10: Sublime with Rome

July 17: YES with Procol Harum

July 24: Heart

July 31: The Steve Miller Band

Aug 7: Peter Frampton

Aug 14: Sheryl Crow

Aug 21: Roger Hodgson, the voice of Supertramp

Aug 28: The Machine performs Pink Floyd

Sept 4: The Charlie Daniels Band

OH WAIT!!!!  MAYBE THERE'S HOPE....In addition to the Thursday shows there are some FREE Wednesday shows...let's see!!!!

June 20: Ziggy Marley (WOW!...here we go)

June 27: Tokyo Police Club

July 11: Lowest Of The Low (now this could have ironically been a date something representative of a minority culture could have been scheduled since "The Lowest Of The Low" has been booked)

July 18: The Trews with illScarlet

July 25: Citizen Cope

Aug 1: OAR with Rebelution

I tried to reach some other groups "THIS MORNING" to get their reaction to not being booked... but it was probably too early and there wasn't enough notice to get in contact with Earth, Wind & Fire, The Temptations, Maze, The Whispers, Keith Sweat, Buffalo's Own Brian McKnight,........... Oh let me Stop!  You get the jest.


Is it just me or shouldn't the Artpark Concert Series have at least ONE CONCERT that Clearly Targets the African-American Community as well as the Hispanic Community...both  cultures which make up a significant portion of the Cultural Mix in Buffalo, NY.  Is it just me?