DJ Wire

Its crazy how i first met the "Youngest In Charge" DJ Wire. At my other job (First Student) i actually use to be his school bus driver, who could have thought ? lol. Well one day i was on Face book and i seen a pic of him with his DJ Gear and we chopped it up, it has been on ever since.

The saying "Practice Makes Perfect" must have hit hard with DJ Wire because now he is years ahead of many Dj's twice his age. His hard work is evident through the many bookings he gets every week and through his superb skills while rocking an event. DJ Wire is probably the only DJ who needs a "Permission Slip" to get in a club lol, but once he is in the club its guaranteed to be a success.
In my opinion if DJ Wire keeps the same grind he has right now he will be a great force to be reckoned with. unlike myself he started out at a much younger age which will give him many advantages in his future as a DJ.
In closing not only is DJ Wire a Great Dj but he is also a great person who i am honored to had haved the pleasure of knowing. Also i would like to wish him a Happy Birthday which he will be celebrating this coming Saturday and i have the pleasure of being the Dj he chose for this special day.
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