5) THE BREAKS: This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. We found this movie on the bottom shelf on the rack at Block Buster so a lot of people might have never seen it but trust me it is a must see.

4) SHOTTAS: If you like Gangsta flicks like 'Belly', 'State Property' or 'New jJack City' than 'Shottas' is a must see. The movie starts off in Jamaica and ends up in Miami Florida. I was a little hesitant about this movie at first because of the lack of known actors but it turns out it was perfect with who they choose, definitely a classic in my book.


3) PAPER SOILDERS: Let me start by saying that if you have ever seen Kevin Hart's stand up comedy show, you will definitely want to see this movie. He plays a low life thief but doesn't really have the heart for that career choice (lol). From start to finish this movie will have you laughing, and it also packs a powerful message ---> "DONT STEAL" lol.

2) THE LION KING: Now looking at the other 4 movies in my top 5 I know what you are thinking, "WOW" lol, but 'Lion King' has always been one of my favorites. It's a classic that everyone should see at least once. I remember as a kid watching this and almost crying after seeing what happened to Simba lol, but he was a true soldier who over came his troubles and I respect him for that !!!!. Don't Judge me but I have all of the 'Lion King' movies at the house lol.

1) PAID IN FULL: And now for my #1 favorite movie 'PAID IN FULL', this movie was great on all levels. Not only because it starred one of my favorite rappers, CAMRON, but because it was some what based on a true story. The story line in this movie was on point. It was based on Drug King pins from Harlem N.Y. and there journey through the Crack era, but it showed the real life problems you go through when choosing that life style. And this movie also packs a powerful message to young kids in the streets who might want to follow their footsteps