DJ Bandana Black (@ 93.7FM WBLK)



1.)    I’m a buy a Lamborghini and put Regular Doors on it .

2.)    I’m a buy all the advertisement time during the Super Bowl and just have a blank screen playing .

3.)    Even if I win for like 200 million dollars, I’m still NOT going to pay back my student loans .

4.)    I’m a buy all the front roll seats to the NBA finals than watch the game at home on a 13inch black & white tv .

5.)    I’m a buy a 25 bedroom 30 bathroom mansion near Delaware Park. But than I’m really going to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the Ken Field’s.

6.)    I’m a rent HSBC arena and bring Jay-z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, “FANTASIA”, Dipset & Gucci Mane for a concert but im only gone let me and 3 of my friends attend the concert and we gone sit in the nose bleed section (lol). (Imagine a huge concert at the Arena with only 4 people watching smh!!! hilarious).

7.)    When I go to the bank to get my 200 million I’m a tell them I want half in ones and the other half in nickels .

8.)    I’m a buy all the commercial time on 93.7FM WBLK, but all of the commercials are just going to say “on sale now for a limited time” with No other info included (lol).

9.)    I’m a rent every club in Buffalo, Ny for the next 3 months and not throw any parties. (yeah I know why would I do that ? lol JUST CAUSE!!!!!).

10.) And last but not least I would start working on my new Resume because after blowing all of this money on these random things im pretty sure I would need employment within the first year (lol).