So one of my friends (or so called friends) convinced me to get on a boat ride here in Buffalo, NY. Now I haven't been on a boat since I was like maybe 16 and from what I can remember it was fun, but this was not the case almost 10 years later. Let me tell you about possibly the worst night of my life.

First I finally force my self on the boat and I have a seat to try and stay grounded and everyone assured me that the boat would not be going fast. So as we proceed to take off the 10 mph we were probably going felt like 200o mph, I immediately felt sick and wanted to leave. than I didn't see any life jackets so I started to panic with everyone around me laughing like "calm down" so I finally see a life jacket and spent the next 15-20 minutes trying to figure out the quickest way to put it on just in case. 

So long story short they didn't turn the boat around for me and I was forced to stay on board the whole trip. But all in all I did have fun but I wouldn't do it again.