Gucci Maine is no longer the only person with an odd tattoo on his face. I wont say where I was at due to the fact I will probably be Judged for it. But lets just say I had to much free time the other day.

So I pop a bag of my favorite popcorn and with the package included a small piece of paper that had press on tattoo's for the movie "SHREK". Right when I was about to throw it away I thought to my self  "I have a great idea". Let me join the tattoo fad, this will be funny. So I went to the bathroom added a little water to the paper and pressed the tattoo of the Donkey character on my face.

This idea was funny and everyone who saw it was cracking up with laughter. The down side to this was how hard it was to get this off my face before coming down to work, lets just say I will never do that again.