If it is one thing I love in this world, you know that it is my City Buffalo. Well, right now, I need your help.

Last night (January 28), sometime between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Elmwood Avenue, someone broke into one of my close friend's studios and took computers, hard drives and more.

Not only was a lot of the great music I helped push out of this city there, but there was also unreleased music from my good friend (R.I.P) D-Black that will never get heard if we let the thieves get away with what they did. They did not only still from a hard-working, honest man, but they stole from our city as a whole.

So I am begging you, if you hear or see anything regarding the stolen items, please contact me. Again, this is OUR city, and it up to US to do the right thing, especially since this happened to a good person.

Strictly Confidential: You can contact me by BandanaBlack@gmail.com, www.FaceBook.com/BandanaBlack and www.Instagram.com/DJBandanaBlack.