Diddy knows how to get attention, he just recently launched his "Revolt" cable TV network. This weekend he had instagtram talking by simple posting this picture. He also captioned this "Black Is Beautiful, the way it is supposed to be.

Here are some of the comments that were left on the picture.

Do you think this picture is racist ? I don't, anyone who has taken a elementary school art class knows art is all about interpretation. This is what I see a black woman finding her inner beauty and her white friends helping to lift her up and support her if you look they are all smiling and happy. This artist was trying to symbolize sisterhood. Where are all of these people screaming racism when some one post something disrespectful about black women ?

Doesn't look racist to me, its all about perception and interpretation. Thats enough of my artful insight, what do you think is this artwork racist ?