Now, is that really my middle name? No. But it may as well be! I want to talk about they key to success. One of those keys is determination. Without that drive and motivation, what's left?

Determination is what I live by.... and music. The two of those together got me to college, to my internship at WBLK, and now, paid employee! Of course, there are a lot of things that go along with that determination but as long as you got that, you'll be good!

Take Usher Raymond. We all know him as a music star who has a LOT of talent. Not everybody had that 100% faith in him 24/7. Even though he was signed at the very young age  of 13, he was aslmost dropped soon after becuase his voice began to change. His mother stuck by him through it all (as his mom AND manager). With Usher's hard work and DETERMINATION, he was able to convince the label that he was worth  their time and the rest is award-winning history!

You can do anything you set your mind to. Yeah, it's cliche, but don't EVER let anyone tell you ANY different. If you want it, go get it! If you're passionate and you feel it's what you're born to do, then you show those people what you're made of and do YOU! DETERMINATION