Meet Bridgett Wismer currently out on bail for trying to sell her infant son born in August, for 15 Racks. She agreed to sell the baby to a gay couple who live in Philadelphia, who could provide a better life for Bidgett's child. Bridgett fighting back tears had this to say :

“My friend was helping me take care of my son that I just had,” Wismer said. “He’s always tried to adopt and I couldn’t raise another child.

“I wanted the best for my baby and he wanted the best for the baby and we did it the way we thought we were supposed to.”

Bridgett who is unemployed at the time wanted a better life for the child, now she faces up to seven years in prison. Charges include: Dealing in Children and Conspiracy in the Second Degree. Now Bridgett cant provide a "good" life for this child at this time so what is she supposed to do in this situation. Its her child why cant she sell it if she cant provide for it ? Better yet what would you do ?