Okay... Take a woman who's been abused, who's been interviewed publicly and has revealed that she's been so scarred by men that she became a drug & alcohol addict...THEN rises above that period in her life and becomes the #1 Female Recording Artist, relative to the African-American Community ( a role which greatly impacts young people...and in her case especially young girls)... with songs telling her life story and encouraging women such that they are special and can also rise above the abuse they've endured. She records songs and LPS like "My Life", "The Journey Continues", "Share My World", "No More Drama", "Love & Life", "The Breakthrough", "Reflections-A Retrospective", "Growing Pains", "Stronger With Each Tear"...making her life an open book through her music while publicly sharing her experience with molestation at the hands of a family friend at the age of five. She becomes a Mogul and a "Poster Child" for women who have been abused and a shining light for young girls and women in helping them avoid the Drama of an abusive relationship.

Mary J. Blige is this woman...and has responsibly used her music to inspire, encourage, strengthen, and empower women to stand up against the WRONG men do to women. But now, all of a sudden, Mary loses her mind for a moment and records a song Glorifying The Disrespectful and "Undesirable" MR. WRONG!

What's WRONG with this picture? It's bad enough that Chris Brown slapped Rihanna around and now they're back on the scene as if nothing happened... Now we have "The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul" promoting "MR. WRONG" as the better alternative to his nemesis, "MR. RIGHT". What will the average 12, 13, 14, 15 , 16, etc year old boy / young man extract from the message in this song?  Should every boy / young man aspire now to be that guy you don't introduce to Mom?  Should young women now look for the most disrespectful guy they run across and bask in this relationship based on how well he can "hit it" while deeming their encounter with this individual "something special"?

African-American Entertainers and Artists MUST begin to use better judgement with respect to what they agree to be "paid for". The money and the hits are not more important than the future of our Culture, which is constantly deteriorating primarily due to the influence of music and music videos. There was a time when movies were "just a movie" and a song was "just a song" ...that day is LONG GONE!  With all the Reality TV Shows replacing make believe sitcom television and with music reaching a level of personal offense such that the Tu Pacs and Biggies of the music industry are no longer with us... it's time for us to WAKE UP and realize how this new form of slavery is subliminal and psychologically based.

Now the song is one thing... the video another. Upon writing this blog, I have yet to see the video. I'm posting it now ( in conjunction with this blog) so we can both view it (it should appear below) ... please comment on what you think regarding the topic, the song, and the video. Thank You.