Looks like rapper/producer David Banner is tapping into a new market nowadays. In addition to landing a deal to do commercials for Gatorade last year, he now has Corporate America calling him to do work. According to reports, in a recent interview Banner stated, “I’ve got campaigns coming up with Gillette, Motorola and a big commercial for ConAgra Food Group.” Banner also hooked up with Mercedes-Benz to record the song “Benz” for their new ad campaign. The Mississippi representer went on to say, “Mercedes is eventually going to do something bigger with the ‘Benz’ song, so that’s going to move to another level.” DB also mentioned that he plans to launch his own ad company called ABV considering that his newfound career is going so well. Banner is currently working on his third installment of his MTA album series. Click below to check out David Banner’s “Making Of The Benz” song.

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