This is going be the wildest thing you've read in a while, I promise.

So this dude dresses up as a photographer to pull off a disgusting act of murder against his cousin, Dr. Jaishri Namdeo, who he says "Cheated" on him. Anurag Singh stomped down the aisle right before the bride (His cousin; Namdeo) was to say her vows, and shot her in the neck.

Via NYDailyNews

Singh, who had entered the wedding disguised as a photographer, then attempted to shoot himself but missed and grazed a nearby guest, allowing witnesses to tackle him to the ground.

They then disarmed the shooter and beat him violently until police arrived.

Namdeo, a pediatrician, died later in hospital from a single wound to the neck. Her husband, Rohit Namdeo, a surgeon, survived the attack.

What the ....?

Side eye.