This dad's advice to his son who is starting to like girls is amazing. This dad wrote a note to his 12-year-old son, referring to himself as the expert in dating and treating a woman as when the son was younger he said he wanted to marry his mom (or someone like her) and dad is the only one to have done just that!

Here's what the dad said on Good Men Project:

      • "Look for someone that’s better than you. It’s as simple as that. Look for someone that you admire, not only for her beauty, but also for her brains, her attitude, how she treats her family and friends."
      • "Chivalry is not dead. Be a gentleman."
      • "Surprise her with something for no reason."
      • Challenge her to try new things, new experiences that will improve her as an individual.

The don'ts? Profanity, farts, burps, etc. on purpose, hurtful pranks, gossip, let her down, lie and hide.