Deandre Kelley's attorney filed the motion Wednesday asking that his client be allowed to attend Saturday's funeral of Shanti Lanza. Kelley is charged with reckless homicide in his daughter's death.

Now this is where it gets interesting he actually wants to attend his daughter's funeral. He filed a motion to get special permission from the court to attend his 11 year old daughters funeral.

According to WCOP the 34-year-old Kelley fired shots into the air outside the house Sunday while arguing with the girl's mother. One of them hit the girl in her bedroom, where she had fled when her parents started arguing. Kelley's attorney says the shooting was accidental.

I think he should get permission to attend the funeral, regardless of the situation that is still his daughter. He already did the crime, so maybe attending the funeral will allow him to see the consequences to his act of stupidity in person. On the other hand the mother's family will probably try to kill him at the funeral causing more disruptive disrespectful behavior at this girls funeral. It doesn't seem like he killed the girl intentionally so do you think he should be able to attend the funeral ?