According to ABC 15 in Arizona. Sergio Armando Velderrain is facing child abuse charges after urinating on his 4-month-old baby's face and body after getting into an argument with the child's mother. The baby began to choke from swallowing the urine, but Sergio, 21, thought it was funny. He then told his wife (who's also the child's mother): "Now he has something to remember his dad by." (Who needs a Dad like this ?). When the police got involved, he told them he was drunk and, because the room was dark, he thought he was in the bathroom. (Yea Right)

This sounds like a frat prank gone wrong. This is horrible parenting, I hope when the child gets older he beats Sergio up, after he gets out of jail. This is more proof that everybody doesn't need to be a parent and you should never trust anyone who drinks 4 Lokos. Welcome Sergio to The Big Dummy Files.