In an industry where everyone wants the crown but very few put the work in to deserve it, D-Dash lets his work speak for its self. D-Dash could easily be referred to as one of Buffalo Ny's Best artist, But he also can wear both crowns as one of Buffalo's best producers also. I recently had the pleasure of kicking it with him, and I can honestly say that I always knew he was a great rapper but after hearing some tracks he's just as great producing music too. I truly believe that D-Dash will soon be known to the masses as one of the greats because he is definitively putting in the work to make that possible. I also had the pleasure of debuting some of his recent work on my Mix-show #TheBlackOut on 93.7FM WBLK. In closing I wish my Bruh D-Dash nothing but success and he already knows that Bandana Black supports him %100 and I'm always just a call away if he needs me.


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Twitter: @DDashEz