While browsing Facebook over the weekend I ran across a friend's page which exposed the pictures you're seeing which he saw on someone else's page.  This "Someone Else" is one of those parents who obviously thinks the pictures are "CUTE" and "INNOCENT"...and to the parent that may very well be the case.... But are they cute?

My personal opinion is NO!!!!!!!!  These pictures show a little girl PURPOSELY POSING in an inappropriate adult-like manner.  Even if I saw my daughter in her room posing like this in front of a mirror, it would be time to have the Anti - Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, anti-female music video image conversation as well as a phone call to cancel my Cable TV subscription and rig the TV such that PBS is the only TV Channel in existence.

You may strongly disagree and think the pictures are cute!  You're more than welcome to your opinion but don't just have an opinion for or against these pics... I want to hear why you do or DO NOT think they're appropriate...post your comments below!