Some people are not meant to be musicians this is a prime example of this. Meet tonight's addition to the BIG DUMMY FILES the Crash Cut Music video the best of the best. What were they thinking about ? How do you make a song talking about The Best Of The Best and it sounds HORRIBLE. The music video is even worst, this looks like a BROKE ON BROKE production. The color balance is off and the acting is terrible. The kids in the video even know its bad if you really pay attention they are hiding from the camera LOL. This video is a great laugh and far from the BEST OF THE BEST. Technology has people doing music that have no business any where in a studio or shooting a music video. I have watched this music video atleast 10 times today laughing more and more every time. Somebody should've told this man to use his talents at doing something else other than singing. Welcome this music video to the BIG DUMMY FILES.