This isn't figurative speech we're speaking when talking about the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match. According to the Dailymail, promoter Bob Arium predicts that the budget for this fight will be about 1 billion dollars. How? Well, here's the breakdown:

-Pay-per view in China will cost about $5 and is expected to have 136 million people buy which results in a grand $650 million. Especially since Chinese superstar Zou Shiming will be the face of the promotion card there.

-In the U.S. it is expected 3 million people will pay $95 dollars for their pay-per view which totals up to $300 million.

-The fight may take place at the Venetian Macao in China or the MGM Grand in Vegas which will be pricey.

- Worldwide TV rights, merchandising, etc. will also cost a lot.

-Both fighters will be splitting about $250 million, so Mayweather-$150 million and Pacquiao-$100 million.

Even though this is expected to be the fight everyone has been waiting for. Is it THAT serious to cost so much? Let us know what you think!