When I first saw this video I cracked up laughing. The news thought they were getting some serious action when the police reported they had caught a man who was a suspect in a home invasion. Here is what Fox 5 in San Diego reported:

Two hours after officers drew their guns on a dark-colored sedan parked on the freeway near Severin Drive, Fox 5's helicopter showed that no one was inside.

Officers slowly approached the car and smashed several driver-side windows. A canine was seen jumping into the front of the car, but the vehicle was empty.

This is hilarious, I'm sure the criminal was somewhere laughing at this to. I really don't understand how no one noticed the car was empty in two hours ? I wonder how many real crimes took place while this was going on. I'm sure some one got in trouble for wasting 2 hours of time for something that was simple to check out. The part that really made me laugh at this video was at the end when the Officer kicks the door, he was hot !!! Shout out to the Officers I hope they find the guy suspected of home robbery but until then they have to hop into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

Check out the video HERE