I don't want this taken the wrong way this is in no shape or form cop bashing. I for one would hate to live in a world without some type of police agency - without the police the world may be similar to the movie purge.

With that being sad the blatant abuse of power by some officers of the law does make it hard for the good cops to do their job. Here's another example of excessive force by a police officer caught on tape.

In the video you see a Brooklyn teen get knocked unconscious by a plain clothes officer who suspected the teen of smoking marijuana. You can hear the teen screaming "Mister it's just a cigarette" right before the officer strikes him in the head and knocks him unconscious. After he is knocked unconscious you can see the officer go in the teens pocket and take a unknown item out of the teens pocket and put it in his own pocket.

Turns out the teen was arrested for resisting arrest and no drugs where found on him. The the teen now has a pending lawsuit for 500 million dollars against the police department.

Was this excessive force by the police officer? Watch the video and you be the judge. Don't forget to stay connected with me @steelboutmoney.

For Video Click Here (Explicit Content)