A South Florida man convicted of murder dares judge to sentence him to life, reports CBS Miami.

A jury recommended death for James Herard back in May, when the 25-year-old was found guilty of ordering the execution of Eric Jean-Pierre, 39, who was on his way to work in Lauderhill, Fla., in November 2008. Herard was found guilty of ordering Jean-Pierre's murder while driving with a fellow gang member, according to the station.

“Honestly and truly, I’m not asking you to spare me,” Herard said. “Go ahead and do what you gonna do. I pretty much dare you to give me the death sentence because I’m innocent.” He added, “I’m actually hoping you give me the death penalty because I know the Supreme Court won’t allow me to die for something I didn’t commit.”

The hearing will continue Sept. 22. The judge will then have a month to decide the young man's fate.