“During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to "create a Community College Partnership Program to strengthen community colleges by providing grants to a) conduct more thorough analysis of the types of skills and technical education that are in high demand from students and local industry; b) implement new associate of arts degree programs that cater to emerging industry and technical career demands; and c) reward those institutions that graduate more students and also increase their numbers of transfer students to four-year institutions."

Obama said the cost of the higher-education initiatives would be offset by money saved from his plan to provide all new federal loans directly to students, instead of through private lenders led by the Reston, Virginia-based SLM Corp., known as Sallie Mae. While some Republican lawmakers have opposed this plan saying it may raise college costs, the Congressional Budget Office said it may save the government $80 billion in 10 years.

Our president doesn't always get the best press but one thing for sure is he’s trying to help us and open doors for us to be able to attend school for on a much more affordable budget. It is up to us to take advantage and walk through those doors that have been opened and to keep moving and pushing forward to get the success that were entitled to.