I am so sick and TIRED of some of the people who are in the LIMELIGHT and influence the thoughts and actions of our youth!!!  What is wrong with these people???  At the TOP OF THE LIST are KIM KARDASHIAN (I may have spelled her name wrong but don't really care to check and see if I did or didn't...she's not deserving of it...MY OPINION!)  Does Kim Kardashian realize there are young girls who SEE HOW SHE BECAME FAMOUS AND WANT TO BE FAMOUS AS WELL?????  Is it really as simple as SLEEPING WITH A BUNCH OF MALE CELEBRITIES???  ...And I hate to say this but... the BLACK MEN who have so proudly "bedded" her are the MOST RIDICULOUS...making songs and going back and forth bragging about being with her!!! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!  It's UNREAL!!!!!  I'm saying the BLACK GUYS are the MOST RIDICULOUS because at least the one dude (the Basketball guy) respectfully Married Her... but NOOOOOO!!!!..that wasn't good enough...or maybe not "IGNORANT" enough for Kim!!!! OMG!!!!!  KIM KARDASHIAN  should be ASHAMED!!!!!

Kanye West & Ray J are the worst examples of MEN I've ever witnessed....MY OPINION!!!!  I'm basing my opinion on how they've depicted themselves in the media and in their music regarding their affiliation with "KIM".  How does it become "CUTE". "RESPECTABLE", or most importantly "A POSITIVE EXAMPLE TO YOUNG MEN" to openly brag about sexing this Kim person???  The whole thing is SOOOO RIDICULOUS to me.... it's SICKENING!!!!

I ran across this video on Facebook that proves what I'm talking about... Kim Kardashian is shameless but should be shameful along with Ray J and Kanye!!!!  This is MY OPINION...what's your take on all of this?

(I will say that there's somewhat of a "CATCH 22" here because the mere fact that I'm posting this BLOG gives it (the video) exposure...but please understand that my intent is not to expose it POSITIVELY....rather my intent is to post this so as to make someone who is NOT THINKING...THINK!!!!!  Please realize how demeaning Kim Kardashian's lifestyle is with respect to exemplifying what a WOMAN is or should be...and the same for Kanye and Ray J when it comes to setting an example for MEN...especially YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN on all of their behalves...  I wish there were some recourse or something that could be done about FREEDOM OF SPPECH!!!!!.... some SPEECH FREEDOMS are so very detrimental to the fabric of Decency, Morals, and Values in our Society.

Watch this video Ray J made regarding him being the "FIRST TO HIT IT" ...and please share your CANDID COMMENTS BELOW!!!!!  Is it just me??????