I'm watching the news last night and I see a huge bulldozer tearing down a house only to realize it's is a City Initiative to demolish 'Former Drug Houses" using the money and assets confiscated from the Drug Dealers who owned (or used) the homes.  WHAT!!!???

Why TEAR DOWN homes as opposed to Re-Constructing or Renovating the homes to Beautify the Community rather than further create more of an eye-sore?  Hmmmm .... maybe because it costs LESS to DEMOLISH as opposed to BUILD!  Is there a hidden agenda to 'seemingly' use all of the money for this initiative ... but not really?

It's being stated that it costs about $90,000 to demolish six homes, after which the lots are the property of the Federal Government to do as they please.  Couldn't those homes be renovated and used as HOUSING for a Non-Drug Dealing Family to move in? Maybe even a Lottery of sorts providing an opportunity for appropriate under-privileged families to move in!