Snoop Dogg has been receiving criticism for his recent endorsement of Colt 45's new Blast drink and it’s similarity to Four Loko, the alcohol energy drink that was banned in many states and criticized for its appeal to minors. Recent reports reveal that the malt liquor company has come to the defense of their high profiled rap spokesperson. Colt 45 owner Daren Metropoulos states, “That's just him being a true partner and saying I'm not just an endorser, whether he's putting it in his songs or having his posse drinking it, it's part of his lifestyle. All we were doing was putting together flavors that were appealing to people that definitely are over the legal age,” said Evan Metropoulos. “We're going to do our very best to hammer home the message of responsible drinking. It's not like our distributors are putting it in the soda section, and these are clearly designated as an alcoholic product. We're not going to be showing up and selling this at schools or anything like that. Click to check out the promotion video for Blast featuring Snoop Dogg below.

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