Today I had the pleasure to link up with one of Buffalo's best, "DJ Big Poppa". At first I was kind of hesitant because I know he has been rocking for many years, But he took the time to show me allot of DJ Tricks and skills that I will definitively be putting into play ASAP.I'm the type of person who is always willing to learn, and he is the type of person to gladly teach. For the sake of embarrassment I wont repeat some of what he said when he saw I didn't know some of the shortcuts in Serato lol.

I really appreciate him kind of taking me under his wing and showing me the ropes. Not only did we do a mix session but he also put me on to some awesome blends. And also I have to add, he has some of the best sound systems I have seen thus far. He is very professional when it comes to being a DJ and he treats every event like it's the biggest event, I commend him on that.

In closing I am glad that DJ Big Poppa and I have crossed paths in life and I look forward to learning much more form who I like to call the "PRO".

(For more on DJ Big Poppa make sure you friend him on facebook: "Djbig Poppa")