Newcomer CJ Hilton is killin 'em right now with his single "So Fresh." He's got a unique sound that goes along perfectly with the track. Now, the video has been released and I'm really feeling the vibe!

In the scenes where he's straight-singing, it's easy to tell he has a passion for this music thing. That's what I like to see. Nothing aggravates me more than an artist that is untrue. Definitely not the case for CJ!

Then there's the girl. She most certainly beautiful and a good match next to CJ. Their interaction through the video doesn't go overboard and it's kept classy. Another plus! The video is fun, colorful and a great representation of the song's meaning.

I can't wait to hear more music from CJ Hilston and possibly see him perform live here in Buffalo.... Yiou never know! ;)