The Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, who's been heading the Trayvon Martin investigation, has gotten a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" by City Commissioners in Sanford, Florida  yesterday.  The Mayor and City Officials are asking for The Police Chief's resignation!!!

Trayvon’s parents are meeting with the Justice Department today. The federal agency has launched a civil rights investigation into the case. Martin's family who participated in the Million Hoodie March for Justice in NYC last night, believes race was a factor in their son’s tragic death.

Another rally, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton, is planned for tonight at a park in Sanford Florida, a racially mixed city of about 50,000 people just north of Orlando.

Of course, Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager who was shot February 26 while walking to his father's fiancee’s house after buying some skittles for his little brother . George Zimmerman, an armed self-appointed neighborhood watch guard, said he shot the teen in self-defense.

Zimmerman has not been arrested. A police report calls him a white male; his family says he is Hispanic and that he has wrongly been described as a racist.