Chris Brown is wanted by LA Police after he fled the scene of a crime last night. Details inside. 


The beef between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean started in 2011 after the two exchanged words via twitter, then Brown's cousins rolled up on a Frank Ocean as seen in this video


Last night (1.27.13) the pair met face to face in the parking lot of a LA recording studio. There are two versions of the story so either A) Frank blocked the exit of the parking lot when Chris was trying to leave or B) They were fighting over an assigned parking spot.

Either way, the two singers exchanged words until Chris extended his hand to shake Frank's and diffuse the drama. That's when someone from Ocean's camp punched Chris and sent him into a furious rage that left Frank Ocean feeling like he was in the original Friday!

Team Breezy fled the parking lot and went into the studo to work on his album. He sent this memento to his Instagram followers

Instagram: FuckYoPictures

Meanwhile, Frank Ocean Stayed to talk to Police. He also tweeted about the incident.