Things appeared  to start off great once Chris Brown revealed to the world that he had a baby girl named Royalty. He's been posting a ton of photos and videos of them spending quality time on Instagram. He even took her to the 2015 Bill Board Music Awards.

However, Royalty's mother Nia Guzman, says Chris Brown hasn't paid the $2,500 they agreed upon for child support since March. She now wants six times that amount.

Sources say Nia is now demanding $15k a month for their baby girl which Chris thinks is "ridiculous" and that's why he stopped making payments. People are saying that Nia treats the baby like a "lottery ticket" and could be using her to get more money out of Chris. Its sad because when the parents can't get along we all know the child is the one who will suffer in the end. Reports say Nia plans to get her lawyer to file the official docs in court within the next two weeks for back child support and the new hike in monthly payments.